Modern Baking -Cookie Dough
Modern Baking -Cookie Dough
Modern Baking -Cookie Dough
Modern Baking -Cookie Dough
Modern Baking -Cookie Dough

Modern Baking -Cookie Dough

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Written in Hull Iowa by Sylvia Van't Foort -She admits that she is obsessed with baking. As a chef she always explores new topics. Inspired by her little boy and a goal for him to enjoy everyday things without all that extra sugar, Van't foort writes Home: where messes are made n' Cookies Baked. A recipe book that introduces readers to fun tasty ways to enjoy raw cookie dough safely. 

In the book readers will find fun, delicious and inspiring recipes that according to Van't Foort will tempt them to break out their aprons and whip up a batch, impressing their friends and family. 

Cookie dough is safe to eat raw and bakes up like a regular cookie. Life is too short not to embrace and enjoy the simple pleasures -Cookies and COOKIE DOUGH!

Through the publication of her book. Van't Foort hopes to give readers a delicious cookie experience through all the traditional, vegan and gluten free recipes she presents in the book. 


After attending a local community college for two years, Sylvia Van't Foort graduated and went on to study the science and art behind baking at The San Francisco Baking Institute. Since then, she has been enjoying researching and developing different food production formulas as a food consulate, serving up delicious lattes, French pastries and sourdough bread for her customers at their little shop in Hull. 

Some of the recipes: 

Chocolate Mint

Espresso Toffee

Chai Latte Sugar Cookie

Salted Caramel Popcorn Cookies 

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Hardcover | 8.5 x 8.5 | 168 pages | ISBN 9781543473469